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Early Consignments

These yearlings are consigned by


Cambria WI. 920-229-1660

**Blew Away Photo (Stud)**

Easy Again - Asteria Blue Chip

**Fillister Photo (Filly)**

Easy Again - Fillybuster

**Unamed Gelding**

Southwind Cobra - Imapixieatmidnight

**Unamed Filly**

Southwind Flash - French Rose

**Easy Moon Photo (Filly)**

Easy Again - Tykesa Moon

**Easy Money Photo (Stud)**

Easy Again - On the Arm


**JNM Sixshooter** 9V457 Mare, Foaled 4-11-20

Wind Me Up~Twentyone Guns

First foal eligible to race out of Dam. MN bred.

Consigned by JNM Farms (Jonas Borntreger) Morrison IL


**Flash of Glory** 3V560 Mare, Foaled 4-29-20

Southwind Flash~Barefoot Brook

MN eligible.

Consigned by Duane Shirk, Owen WI


**Almar Leary Dream** 5V618 Gelding, Foaled 5-20-20

Lear Jetta~Dreams N Glory

MN eligible, in the MN program.

Consigned by Almar Farm Agent


Consigned by Al-Mar Farm, Withee WI 715-669-3518

**Almar Attraction** 5V633 Gelding, Foaled 3-26-20

Money Talks~Anticipation

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Golden Talk** 5V634 Mare, Foaled 4-17-20

Money Talks~Golden Victory

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Jetta Milette** 5V623 Gelding, Foaled 3-21-20

Lear Jetta~Milette Hanover

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Vestal Wind** 2VA07 Gelding, Foaled 4-6-20

Southwind Cobra~Vestal Hanover

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Wind Up** 9V877-Chipped, Foaled 4-29-20

Wind Me Up~Wisconsin Believer

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Kinky Jet** 5V622 Mare, Foaled 5-9-20

Lear Jetta~Kinky Hanover

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Miss Jetta** 8V943 Mare, Foaled 4-1-20

Lear Jetta~Miss Lyla

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Rich's Jetta 5V620 Mare, Foaled 4-28-20

Lear Jetta~Rich's Finale

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Ariel's Thunder Boy** 5V542 Gelding, Foaled 6-6-20

Ariel Salute~Wetenwild Hanover

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Almar Lucky Don** 5V025 Horse, Foaled 4-9-20

Donomoni~Our Bella Ella

Iowa Sired, Iowa Foaled

**Almar Stormy Jet** 5V028 Horse, Foaled 5-13-20

Lear Jetta~Starlicious

MN eligible, in the MN program.

**Tomatoe Money** 0VC31, Bay horse, foaled 4-17-20

Money Talks ~ The Flying Tomatoe

MN eligible, in the MN program.


**Tom's Hit N Miss**, mare

Make or Miss, MN bred

Consigned by Omar Miller, Morrison IL

**Miley**, 6M404 7, Bay Mare, foaled 6-1-2014

Smile From Ear to Ear ~ In the Pocket

7yr Mare, traffic safe and sound, most women can drive her. She has lots of speed if shod right. Bred to a Broadway Hall son.

Consigned by Atlee E. Hershberger, Long Prairie MN

**Make A Score** 7V822, Bay mare, foaled 5-29-20

Make or Miss ~ E's Last Chip

MN Eligible, in MN program

Consigned by Willis Yoder, Granton WI

**Lear's Girl** 5V624, Bay mare, foaled 5-5-20

Lear Jetta ~ Fischer's Filly

Very athletic, correct filly, MN eligible

Consigned by Rudy Borntreger, Spring Valley MN


The next three horses are consigned by 

Wolfswinkel Pacers, Rock Valley IA

**Blanch** 9V086, Bay mare, foaled 5-18-20

Wind Me Up ~ Village Bolero


**Athleticly Inspired** 2V093, Bay mare, foaled 4-10-20

Special Forces ~ Athleticly Inclined


**Swing On Over** 0VA85, Bay mare, foaled 5-28-20

Wind Me Up ~ Swinging Again


**Royal Birthday** 8V596, bay mare, foaled 5-3-20

Lukas Hall ~ Jayport Princess

IA eligible, in IA program, big athletic filly!

Consigned by Marvin Borntreger

Buggy Horses

**Runaround Sue S** bay mare, foaled 4-2-12

Trotting Intruder ~ Moon Trotter

Bad barn manners, but when you hitch her up she's fine.

Consigned by Andy Bontreger, Utica MN

**Emmie Sue** 12yr Standardbred ~ Morgan X mare. Traffic safe, women can drive, sells open.

Consigned by Atlee Miller, Long Prairie MN

These 4 horses are consigned by Dr. Ken Rucker!

**My One Defense** 9V152, bay gelding, foaled 5-20-20

Always a Virgin ~ Bestofbothworlds

IN eligible.

**Monogamous** 6RM88, bay mare, foaled 5-14-17

Always a Virgin ~ She's the Greatest

4yr Old Mare raced timed at 2 p 1:56. Bred at 3 with her weanling foal by Easy Again at her side. Is safely back in foal to Three of Clubs. All are MN eligible and stud fees are paid in full!!

**Windy Ridge Flash** 2V709, bay colt, foaled 5-1-20

Southwind Flash ~ Overture Hanover

MN eligible

**Workin Day N Night** 9T577, bay colt, foaled 4-19-19

Easy Again ~ Secret Alibi

Nice 2yr old Easy Again Colt racing and improving. Has huge upside potential in MN and beyond!


We're excited to share these 2 yearling with you!! Just consigned from Stonebridge Farm, Mr. Fred Hofsaess, Decorah IA

**SB Cince De Mayo** 9V577, bay colt, foaled 5-5-20

Wind Me Up ~ Cheyrl's Surprise (Mach Three)

MN sired, IA foaled. Arden Downs, Currier & Ives, Hooser Stake 86, Horseman No 114, Ralph Wilfong No 85, Yonkers Trot!!

**SB Naomi Ruth** 0V206, bay mare, foaled 3-23-20

Tom Ridge ~ Score Gracefully (Credit Winner)

MN sired, IA foaled. California Sire Stakes, Adios, Arden Downs, Fox Stake 96, Hooser Stake No 86, Horseman No 114, Progress Pace!!


**Just Like A Flash** 5V029, MN Bred

**Wealthy Women** ZB946, Broodmare Vet Checked in foal to 

Tymal Templar, Fee paid, no refund.Consigned by Samson Hershberger, Long Prairie MN


**Keep On The Trot** 1VA10, Bay gelding, foaled 4-7-20

Dredd (Muscle Hill) ~ Keepin House (Lockkeeper)

IA eligible, Consigned by Perry Borntrager, Larimor IA


From Edwin Miller, Browerville MN

**One Hot Number** 313200, Bay mare, foaled 3-16-20

Three of Clubs (Mach Three) ~Fox Valley Ruby (Sportsmaster)

First crop of colts from Three of Clubs! MN bred.

**Club Flush** 313105, Bay gelding, foaled 6-21-20

Three of Clubs~I Warned You (Up Front Brad)


**Get That Cheese** 5C737, Brown mare, foaled 5-20-2005

Incredible Finale~Rain Dance Star

Preg checked in foal to Three of Clubs. Last breeding 5-3-21, 

stud fee paid, no refunds.

**Rocking Katie** 4K964, Bay mare, foaled 4-18-2012

World of Rock N Roll ~ Pembroke Swifty

Preg checked in foaled to Three of Clubs. Last breeding 5-6-21, stud fee paid, no refunds. This mare had the misfortune of losing her baby this year, her first foal. Buggy broke, not for women, TSS


These yearlings are consigned by 


Owen WI,  715-503-5406

** Wisco Again 5VA07 Gelding**

Easy Again ~ Secret Alibi (The Panderosa)

**Wisco Wind Up 9V085  Mare**

Wind Me Up ~ Night After Night (Western Hanover)

**Wisco Selfie 4V440 Gelding**

Southwind Flash ~ Note to Self (Self Possessed)

**Wisco ABC 5V483 Gelding**

Southwind Flash ~ Miss ABC (ABC Garland)


Consigned by Spring Valley Farm, Waukon IA

**SV Late Lady** 7VA49, Bay mare, foaled 5-12-20

You're Late ~ Peri's Little Lady

IA foaled.

**SV Princess Ridge** OV200 Mare, foaled 3-24-20

Tom Ridge~Besmitten Hanover

IA foaled, MN sired, 1/2 sister to Setyourheartonme

**SV Little Martina** OV199 Mare, Foaled 5-15-20

Tom Ridge~Medwyn Hanover

IA foaled, MN sired, 1/2 sister to Coatofmanycolors, and has a half brother with a mark of 1:53 and $250,000 in earnings!

**SV Tom's Image** OV204 Gelding, foaled 4-7-20

Tom Ridge~Lady Berndt

IA foaled, MN sired, 1/2 brother to SVF Cash Deposit, SV Tymal Image, and SV Lady's First.

**SV Blushing's Moni** SV094 Mare, Foaled 5-6-20

International Money~Blushing Hanover

1/2 Sister to SVF Blushing Bride, mark of 1:54 as a 3 year old. IA foaled, PA sired, eligible to PA SS fairs, Swedish Breeder's Crown, Arden Downs Stake, Bluegrass Series, Currier & Ives trot, and many more!

**SV Queen of Hearts** 8VM93 Mare, Foaled 4-15-20

Angus Hall~RC Biscuit

IA foaled, Canada sired. Eligible to Ontario Sires Stakes, Ontario SBOA, Bluegrass Series, Champlain Stakes, Hambletonian Stk/Oaks, International Stallion , Kentucky Futurity, Simcoe Stakes!


Consignment by: Scenic Valley Farm, Waukon IA

** DM She's Unlimited** 2V382, bay mare, foaled 4-13-20

Tymal Templar ~ Stretch the Limit (Tom Ridge)

IA sired and foaled.


Consigned by David Perry Borntrager, Seymour IA

**DP Go Go's Girl** 0VB30, bay mare, foaled 6-6-20

For You Almost Free ~ Go Go Fast

MN & IA eligible

**DP Lucky Star** 0VB53, bay horse, foaled 6-2-20

For You Almost Free ~ LH Filly Buster

MN & IA eligible

**DP Freedom's Star** 9VA91, bay horse, foaled 4-20-20

For You Almost Free ~ Wanna Bee Loved

MN & IA eligible

**DP Rock Star** 0VB34, bay horse, foaled 5-12-20

For You Almost Free ~ Dew In The Desert

MN & IA eligible

**DP Sun Flower** 0VB93, bay mare, foaled 3-20-20

For You Almost Free ~ A A Choo

MN & IA eligible

Consigned by Willis Borntrager, IA

**JB The Winner** 8V641, Black gelding, foaled 5-27-20

Lukas Hall ~ Seasons in the Sun

IA sired and IA foaled.

**JB Velvet** 7V375, Bay mare, foaled 6-4-20

Lukas Hall ~ Velvet Hall

IA sired and IA foaled.

**Running Calchips** 7V669, Black gelding, foaled 4-16-20

Lukas Hall ~ Calchips Choice

IA sired and IA foaled.

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